Baby got teeth – another milestone, another ceremony 

After what seemed like months, my baby finally got his teeth just before my birthday in January. Not just one but two together. I've been waiting ever since for more but these two are enough cuteness for now.  A teeth ceremony you say? It is in our heritage to have ceremonies for near enough every major … Continue reading Baby got teeth – another milestone, another ceremony 

The World’s Most Expensive Food

Right readers, is anyone else watching this show, 'The World's Most Expensive Food'? In a nutshell, it's about the London's super rich and their spending habits and how much that group spend on products/experiences. It blows my mind that so far in this series, we've seen a £300 cup of coffee, £5,000 for a shot … Continue reading The World’s Most Expensive Food

Go Shawty, it was my Birthday

Since my last post, I am now another year older. Wiser? Doubt that, but older yes. What is it about ageing that somehow still makes me get a tiny weeny bit excited in the morning of my birthday? Is it the anticipation of a day that is special and filled with lots of attention from … Continue reading Go Shawty, it was my Birthday