Baby got teeth – another milestone, another ceremony 

After what seemed like months, my baby finally got his teeth just before my birthday in January. Not just one but two together. I've been waiting ever since for more but these two are enough cuteness for now.  A teeth ceremony you say? It is in our heritage to have ceremonies for near enough every major … Continue reading Baby got teeth – another milestone, another ceremony 

Miracles and blessings

Let's talk about miracles shall we? Whilst there are many that may believe that everything can be explained by science and medicine, I do think that some things can not be solved in such a black and white manner. Fifty shades of grey and all that. After a long period of illness and unexplained issues … Continue reading Miracles and blessings

The Staycation

I've been thinking a lot recently. Probably more than I should about the world, life, the journey through ups and downs and how to shut off the mind. In my own experience, I can say meditation has helped to silence the mind, along with music, as when I sing, nothing else matters. I found another … Continue reading The Staycation

Money vs Happiness: the debate

The older I get, the more I've noticed how much so many people talk about monetary wealth like it's the only thing worth living for. The days of rolling around in the grass and skipping in the sunshine seems  mediocre in comparison to the desire to own a Hermes bag or be earning a six … Continue reading Money vs Happiness: the debate