Baby got teeth – another milestone, another ceremony 

After what seemed like months, my baby finally got his teeth just before my birthday in January. Not just one but two together. I've been waiting ever since for more but these two are enough cuteness for now.  A teeth ceremony you say? It is in our heritage to have ceremonies for near enough every major … Continue reading Baby got teeth – another milestone, another ceremony 

The hundred foot journey – movie review

I thought I'd do something I haven't done in a while. That something is to update you all by writing a film review. It seems like ages since my last post so I have some making up to do! On to the movie. The hundred foot journey is set in an idyllic part of South … Continue reading The hundred foot journey – movie review

A Vegetarian Christmas

I must first confess. I do eat meat. After years of see-saw like moves from vegetarianism to being a non vegetarian, I seem to have found a healthy balance of a predominantly meat-free diet, but also a heightened interest in whole foods and being more aware of the food we put into our bellies. So … Continue reading A Vegetarian Christmas

The Story – Part 1

I thought after such an atrocious lapse in posting, it was time to tell you my ridiculous excuse of a reason as to why. Life has an unexpected way of giving you everything you've ever wanted within a blink. (Before I start getting tonnes of envy, I,like everyone else, have also had my fair share … Continue reading The Story – Part 1