What’s next?

So I'm sat here mulling over life. I'm in amazement of the past nine months and how much motherhood has changed me in a way I never thought possible.  Not only did life change having a baby, life changed in my career too as I was made redundant, suddenly and swiftly, at 5 months pregnant. … Continue reading What’s next?


Baby got teeth – another milestone, another ceremony 

After what seemed like months, my baby finally got his teeth just before my birthday in January. Not just one but two together. I've been waiting ever since for more but these two are enough cuteness for now.  A teeth ceremony you say? It is in our heritage to have ceremonies for near enough every major … Continue reading Baby got teeth – another milestone, another ceremony 

Breastfeeding – Part 1

I thought I'd share my experiences of breastfeeding as since I gave birth a lot of my close family and friends know the struggles I've faced. I hope in writing about this that if you or someone you know is facing a tough time with breastfeeding, perhaps this might help. Going to NCT classes prior … Continue reading Breastfeeding – Part 1