My dearest little lime

I began thinking about this when I first fell pregnant as a way to document how I was feeling and to keep it somehow for my baby to read in the years to come. As this blog is somewhat a journal of our lives and my thoughts, I am including this here.


Dearest little lime

You have now spent 12 beautiful weeks inside me. I wonder now that you are growing so fast and have little eyelashes and mini pupils what colour your eyes will be? Light brown and baby eyed like your Appa or almond shaped like Amma? Whoever you look like you are always a beautiful miracle to me. Everything about how you came into this world is blessed with God’s love. It is infused with His grace. I hope you will grow to become kind and respectful and I don’t care if no one sings your praises so long as you behave with integrity and love to all.
There will come a time when you get older where you will need to be guided by not just me and your Appa but your inner voice. Trust it and know that if you have any feeling of dread then it is most likely not your inner voice but just your mind.
My little lime I want you to know how precious you are and how much we prayed for you. You have made your Appa and I even stronger than before and you’ve certainly made your Amma strong! All what I am going through now will be worth it to see your first smile, first hiccup,yawn, giggle and gurgle. To see you crawl and clean your nappies and smell your little face will be our blessing and greatest gift.
I want you to know that your mother loves you more than life. And as for Appa, well, everything he does is for you.
We won’t be putting all our hopes and dreams on you because you were our hope and our dream. When you come into this world that will be the start of a dream as a reality. Hopefully when you turn 21 you don’t turn into a nightmare!  😜
I love you my little lime, 
Amma x

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