Tenerife – First holiday with the babe and some tips

I turned another year older last week, so the hubby spoilt us to a little short trip away to Tenerife. Our first trip with the baby and we were nervous, excited and, I was quite frankly, crapping it! Our beautiful baby boy, doesn’t like car journeys, so I dreaded the flight but persuaded myself that it’s a short haul and I deliberately chose a hotel that wasn’t too far from the airport.

So my fears were a little extreme, perhaps I’m a tad OCD about making sure everything is super super clean (I bought sanitising water the day before to spray on the plane) but the stress was worth it, to see the little bub chuckle seeing the beach and crack out his awesome gummy/one-one and a half tooth smile.


Always remember to bring baby’s favourite toy!

After going on numerous Mumsnet forums and the like to hear other people’s experiences, I thought I’d give you my top 5 tips for travelling with a little one.

  • I overpacked on clothes for bub, I’m glad I overpacked on sleepsuits as he did need the extra but most other bits weren’t used (Numerous outfit changes didn’t happen as much as I thought they would!)
  • Always take a thermometer. I am now an organised traveller, I have so many to do  lists but in the last minute overwhelming feeling of forgetting things, I ticked off that I packed the thermometer when in fact I didn’t. This would have been fine had my poor baby didn’t develop a soaring temperature on our last night there. We live and learn. PACK IT even if you think you don’t need it.
  • Similar to above point, luckily I packed Calpol sachets, always pack more just in case.
  • Always pack some cardigans even if it’s hot. I found the evenings and early mornings were a bit chilly and was glad to have packed cardis for both bubba and I!
  • Don’t worry so much. My biggest lesson of all was to just let routine slide and enjoy our time. Hubby and I had great date nights with bubba and even if I didn’t sleep much, it was still a great feeling getting away from the cold for a few days!

One more thing, I’m so very glad that we chose a short haul destination as if you are nervous like we were, or just don’t want the pressure of a long haul when babies are young, short haul really isn’t that bad.



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