Miracles and blessings

Let’s talk about miracles shall we? Whilst there are many that may believe that everything can be explained by science and medicine, I do think that some things can not be solved in such a black and white manner. Fifty shades of grey and all that.

After a long period of illness and unexplained issues relating to menstrual cycles, I had put the idea of a family on the back burner. Then just as this was said and done, after many negative pregnancy tests, suddenly we had a blue line. The positive thatconsultants had doubted would ever come. The scans that had shown complications that somehow disappeared, and the despair I felt when a consultant told me my heavy bleeds of early 2015 were most likely an early miscarriage. The blue line moment was still jarred with much uncertainty and, right up until the day I held my son in my arms, I still couldn’t quite shake the fear of the unknown.

So this post isn’t about God but about not losing sight of the hope, whether it’s for a baby or perhaps things aren’t working out in another area of your life, just breathing is a blessing.


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