Music and love – the relationship…

Young Mathurini

Young Mathurini

I’ve been asked quite a few times recently as to what drives my passion for music, and how I’m able to write music. Firstly, I should explain, I was very fortunate growing up to have such dedicated parents who took me to music class and sacrificed a lot of their spare time to my cultural upbringing.

I like to call it a TFG (Talent from God) that I was blessed with writing my first piece of music aged 5. After that point, music was my escape, my life and my love. Growing up, I had a stutter, a bad one, that a lot of ‘friends’ teased me over, some of these kids used to laugh that I couldn’t say my full name without a stutter, or in excitement, I’d not be able to spit out a word like ‘When’ or ‘What’. It made me speak really fast just to get the words out quick enough to just stop stuttering. However, the one place no one would laugh, was when I was on stage, be it in a house, or a stage performing to thousands, I was the envy of these ‘friends’ and suddenly everyone wanted to know me. For me, it wasn’t the reason for singing, but it stopped the chatter in my head, that told me I had something to prove. It was just about the music and just about my connection with God.

Carnatic music, Singer

The beautiful Bombay Jayashri aunty,..

So when one of my musical idols, Bombay Jayashri, says “Music and love are two sides of same coin. When we hear music, we can feel the music. When we think of love, we can hear the music”, I can’t help but think this is so true in my case.

I try to instil this practice in all that come across my singing, my playing of an instrument, or who go on to sing my compositions. I also try and showcase this love for music into my music students, so that even when they stop singing (unfortunately most do when they go to University) they never forgot the love it brought their life and to others around them.

Singing, Carnatic music, devotional singing, Mathurini

Singing in Prashanthi Nilayam in August 2014. I was blessed to be able to sing compositions by the most talented forefathers of the Carnatic generation. I was also blessed to be able to sing and perform some of my own music .

What reminds you of love? For me it’s always been music and actually different art forms… more to come on that front… Leave your comments below if any of this resonates with your experiences. I’d love to hear from you as always.


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