The World’s Most Expensive Food

Right readers, is anyone else watching this show, ‘The World’s Most Expensive Food’? In a nutshell, it’s about the London’s super rich and their spending habits and how much that group spend on products/experiences.

It blows my mind that so far in this series, we’ve seen a £300 cup of coffee, £5,000 for a shot of a rare alcohol and more than £200 for truffle. Oh and not forgetting, thousands for caviar. Also, did I forget to mention that this £300 per cup of coffee is made from the coffee cherries excreted by a wild cat and then left to dry and roast? You are, essentially drinking cat poo.

This is the fella who provides you a £300 per cup!

This is the fella who provides you a £300 per cup!

I also find it really intriguing that there are so many super rich that have that much to spend, yet we have a country like Nepal, suffering untold misery from natural disasters, where it will take potentially decades to get Nepal back with their current economic climate, without foreign aid.

I get it, you work hard, you can do what you like with your money; we all have our choices. I like to splash out from time to time as much as the next person but I guess what I don’t know if I understand is that these ‘super rich’ according to this show, seem to spend on dinner parties to outdo each other. I find it quite a strange concept, but perhaps I don’t know enough about that world. Not judging but does anyone else have any viewpoints on this or is it just me that finds it jaw dropping-ly ridiculous?

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One thought on “The World’s Most Expensive Food

  1. Rajini Nathan says:

    This is something I’ve often thought about. With great power comes great responsibility, whether you choose to use that to help other people/society/the world or to spend money enough to feed a small village on a cup of coffee is completely up to the individual. In Tamil there is a saying which translates into – For the hungry, finding food is the only problem, but for the wealthy, everything is a problem. I don’t know what is fair or what is right- but I know it is. Thank you Mathurini for that thought inducing post.

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