The Staycation

I’ve been thinking a lot recently. Probably more than I should about the world, life, the journey through ups and downs and how to shut off the mind. In my own experience, I can say meditation has helped to silence the mind, along with Lake districtmusic, as when I sing, nothing else matters. I found another way recently, that came in the form of a weekend away to the Lake District.

I’d heard great things about the lakes, many friends post pictures of stunning countryside, some friends even go every couple of months. I can totally see why. Pictures don’t even do the lakes justice in my opinion. To me, I felt a sense of peace and calm deep within my soul, it was as though another part of my soul awoke whilst walking and breathing the air of the country.

The lakes were breathtaking, and it made me feel that to be able to see nature in this way was in fact something to be grateful for.

We even had a ‘stranded’ experience of sorts, where our boat decided to run out of gas half way across one of the lakes. We were waiting what seemed like hours, but really was probably about half an hour, until someone rescued us! The water beneath was slightly rough so it did begin to make me start praying in case I had to swim to shore. (Let’s just say I’m not that great a swimmer and shore was FAR away!) The experience was all the more memorable because my cousin brothers from Malaysia were visiting, and as always, I was being teased for being the scared girl in the corner. Somethings never change.

The best sticky toffee pudding, the home of sticky toffee pudding!




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