The Nail Project

For anyone who has known me since time immemorial, they can vouch for me when I say that I would pick my nails at every opportunity. Instead of beautiful fingers, my fingers looked almost raw with pain. Over Christmas last year, I had managed to grow my nails to the longest they had ever been, only for them to chip or break at their most beautiful.

I had well and truly been beated by a blooming finger nail. I never thought I’d even think it was a horror, but I had grown attached to this project and so I have decided to start this again.

So from this week, I will be documenting my nail journey, alongside other rather important journeys. APOLOGIES for not writing in such a long time, I have no real excuse besides life and that’s a poor one.

Here’s stage one, painting my short nails in a bid to try not to pick at them.


Any tips and advice will be greatly appreciated.


2 thoughts on “The Nail Project

  1. Nidia - Lit From Within says:

    Good luck on your nail project! There are lots of Facebook groups, like PolishAholic Anonymous, where people talk about nails. My best tip is to moisturize constantly! Get yourself a (or make a jojoba-based) cuticle oil, and whenever you feel like biting your nails, put cuticle balm on instead. Your nails and cuticles will thank you!

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