Breaking the glass ceiling


A rather long time ago, in fact one of my first ever blog posts, was about life from a British-Asian perspective and I have to say my opinions haven’t changed much. If anything I’ve only become more determined than ever to achieve what I want to whilst retaining my culture, heritage and my pride of being a British born Asian.

That’s why it is great to see Microsoft put an Indian born man at the helm of their company, at a time where leadership has never been so important.

So why is it that we don’t see this in all industry sectors? Are we afraid to break the glass ceiling?

Industry sectors

I’m sure many of you reading this work or have worked in various industries where moving up the ladder is totally achievable and it’s never stopped you. Now tell me if you haven’t managed to move and why that isn’t the case.  The ‘D’ word of discrimination is used here there and everywhere these days, with prominence often held on this based on gender and inequality of pay.  I am a believer in the PERSON for the job, regardless of gender and I only hope that the same could be said in the glass ceiling organisations that I have heard, discriminate against race.

Glass ceilings

OK, I know there are two camps. Those that will complain about a situation and do absolutely nothing to rectify it. These are the people that want that bonus or that pay rise but haven’t done any further qualifications or talent development in years but still feel that just by being there makes them entitled.

Then there’s the other camp. The camp that work hard, have a career drive and want a bonus based on performance not time entitlement.

So why are not as many ethnic minority not in the senior roles in any organisation no matter what size? I personally think its down to drive. If I’ve wanted something, even if the world says I can’t, I’m the sort of person who will achieve it. It’s not a ‘want to achieve’ or ‘like to’ it’s a very firm, resolution of WILL.   Satya Nadella is not the first Indian to become a front runner of a global organisation; the outstanding drive of Indira Nooyi as CEO of Pepsi Co is a huge inspiration and there will certainly be many more.  What is interesting is that these people, particularly Indira (I’ve seen many a YT clip) has a thirst, a passion and a yearning to succeed. She challenged when challenges were hushed, she pushed the glass ceiling til it broke and with this vigour, she shaped a company and brought pride to a beautiful land.

I’m also always stunned when I constantly read articles and statistics about the state of equal pay. Are we not in the 21st Century anymore where pay based on gender just shouldn’t be accepted without exception? Regardless of this, I always prove my worth, by my work. The quality of my work is what puts me above the competition irrespective of gender, race or creed as I’m sure it does for everyone of you.

So what will you do? Are you going to break a glass ceiling or two? I know I will, and that’s not just in the corporate world- if you’ve read this blog post, I’m already breaking a ceiling! 😉


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