From a hungry caterpillar to a majestic butterfly

Hungry CaterpillarIf I was going to be looking back at my blog a year from today, what do I want to see? That’s what I’m hopefully going to answer in this post below.

I want to see more of what I see now, lots of people from all over the world, people whose lives I’ve somehow enriched through something I have written. I want to see more people, tell me they have found hope through something I’ve done, not because I want the applause or the fame, but purely because it fills me with so much peace and satisfaction knowing that the higher entity in me, has reached a spiritual place in you, my reader.

A year from now, perhaps I want to see myself do something different, be bigger than I’ve allowed myself to be. Some people use blogs to tell the world their every move,but no, I don’t want it to be a diary, it has never been for that intent or purpose. I want it to tell people a story, be it a story about me, or a story that I’ve learnt through a life experience, but hopefully it will be filled with more of me – sketches, photographs, recipes, anything you want.


Lastly, progress for me will be, merely seeing more than a couple of posts during a one year period .I’m still a caterpillar, help me be a butterfly. I will aim to post regularly, let’s call it my New Year’s Resolution, through this hopefully we shall see the ‘Mathurini Evolution’!


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