Charlie and the chocolate Factory – a review of opening night

Who would have thought my first experience of walking the red carpet would combine my love for music, chocolate and musicals in one night? Yes, it was the musical I had been waiting for since I first fell head over heels for chocolate and music (perhaps not in that order), Charlie and the chocolate factory. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The first film version in 1971 was one of my many childhood favourites when I was growing up despite it being over twenty years old as a film by the time I had seen it for the first time.  The film contained everything – emotion of family bonds, human values of kindness and right conduct, coupled with the negatives of life in the form of greed and anger. However, one can’t forget the chocolate and the mysterious quality now known to all as desire filled my mind and heart watching chocolate manifest on a TV box set.

So stepping onto the red carpet, made me feel a little bit like a celebrity as the world watched to see if my friends and I were famous. It also made me think, that God for not wearing outrageous heels in case I fell over on my first ever red carpet trip! After reaching our seats, the excitement had really begun to set in, as everyone in the audience was awash with anticipation. Then it began, a world of pure imagination,filled with a glorious production featuring intricate sets, vibrant visuals and the orchestra who were truly outstanding. Let’s not forget to mention that these children did fabulously well (Augustus has my vote!) and Willy Wonka, played by Douglas Hodge was a real treat and a wonderful modernised Gene Wilder for 2013.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Photo taken from the official Charlie and the Chocolate factory musical website.

The story was closer to the original than the updated movie that released around 2005 and I’ve got to say whilst not all the songs in this were quite to my liking, most of them I’m sure would appeal to the younger audiences who wouldn’t be comparing it to the magnificent score in the first film.

Finishing off the production was one of my favourite songs of all time and if you’re still here reading then I’ll give you a clue, the song title is within this blog post! 😉

I must also say that from never fancying myself to be much of a celebrity spotter – seeing Barbara Windsor was pretty amazing as was my favourite man on TV, Mr Schu!

All in all, what would I rate Charlie and the chocolate factory? I’d say an 8.5/10 – a fantastic set and spectacular special effects, wonderful music, and a nostalgic night for those who remember the first film. Luckily for me, I had a tiny bit of chocolate left in  my bag from earlier on in the day to tide me through my cocoa craving during the musical!

P.S : I would like to live near Covent Garden one day – it’s stunningly romantic.  What did you think of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Leave your comments below.


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