The present with a difference

I wanted to get a birthday present with a difference for my S-I-L. So I could have chosen anything, but what did my fickle mind finally decide upon? A floatation tank experience.

Floatation tank

This was the part I had thought long and hard about because I wanted to do something that both of us had never done before and something we’d definitely remember.

So off we went, to something I had booked online, having read every single review I could find that didn’t sound made up. We ended up in a block of offices where one building was just this company and their tanks. We walk up the windy stairs with candles on each step that clearly hadn’t been lit in a while. A nice man talks to us about what’s to come and says we look 12? I know we might look young, but we’re really not that young, so sarcasm or nervous conversation aside, we begin the journey of ‘relaxation’.

What I wasn’t quite expecting was for it not be a relaxing experience.To sum up what a floatation tank experience it is – you lie in a tank that looks like it’s literally come off the set of Kripton (Yes, do go and watch Henry Cavill, I mean ‘Man of Steel) and it contains dead sea salt in which you float inside of for up to an hour. There is music for a little while to ease you into it and then after this, the aim is to just relax and not think about anything. It’s advertised as giving you the equivalent of 8 hours of sleep in a one hour session. You’re supposed to get that much of relaxation from this experience. In my case however, I realised that I’m majorly fidgety. This was to the extent where whenever my body would touch the sides of the tank, I’d start feeling really agitated and dare I say it, slightly claustrophobic and hence sit back up and then try and float again.

I was told after my experience that apparently the first ever floatation experience is always either great or a disaster. It takes time to get used to it apparently. Whilst I don’t think I’d do it again, my sister in law and I both had a laugh as to how strange the entire experience was and it was certainly memorable!

The best part of SiL’s birthday treat definitely came before this… so hopefully you’ll see my next post. ‘Til then!


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