Nut Throwing Idiots and how we can end Racism

When I read about this my blood was boiling. Two individuals attending the Republican National Convention on Tuesday were evicted having thrown nuts at a black CNN Camerawoman. Witnesses said they told her ‘ This is how we feed animals’ and threw nuts at her. They were then removed from the centre  and their identities have not been given as of yet.

I grew up in a town that celebrated different cultures, I was lucky enough not to have too many racist comments besides a PE teacher at junior school who picked on me all the time and picked on every brown person in the class room.
I went to SSE school where we learnt to love all and serve all, where there was no distinction between cast, creed or colour. So it still astounds me when I read about idiots like this existing. It worries me that in such developed countries such as The US of A and my very own England, racism still remains among some. Why? What I really don’t understand is… so what if someone’s a different colour to you, or speaks a different language or wears a scarf over their head? When you’re lucky enough to have a roof over your head and food on the table, why do you care?

Why do some people care so much about irrelevant points such as what colour someone is, or have a hate of a certain caste or creed? I’ve seen it myself, where even in my father’s own birth country, the nation fights over land, human rights, and what’s right and wrong. I’ve even heard members of my own race, talk ill of other Sri Lankans of a different race, stereotyping them into boxes where most don’t belong. ALSO, How DARE two people call an entire race ANIMALS? When I was growing up I’m sure I learnt that humans were different to animals, so HOW can you call someone who looks exactly the same as you in terms of anatomy, an animal? Not only is it scientifically wrong, it’s actually DISGUSTING in my opinion.

Life is too short for all these idiots. To those two people who threw nuts at a Black CNN woman, shame on you for bringing to my attention another example of why if either of those two people have children, I pity them for having to grow up with such repulsive people for a parent.

So here’s something I thought I’d try. If you think you might be in the box of ‘maybe a little racist’ then please try this:

  • When you’re next on a train or a bus, and if there’s someone who’s a different race to you, talk to them. If they don’t speak English just smile at them, you might then realise that their just as human as you!
  • Do something nice for someone who you don’t know and who you wouldn’t normally ‘associate’ yourself with
  • Show your children or family the example you wish them to be – do you really want your young children to live thinking all ‘black people are animals’ THEY AREN’T… YOU ARE for thinking it!

What do you think? Comments below as always!


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