Wedding Rant Part One

Right, I promised you that I’d inform you of what went right and what I didn’t think went so well at my own wedding celebrations to help brides (and grooms) who are currently knee high in wedding prep.

Firstly, everyone’s tastes will always be different, so trying to please everyone just won’t do. The amount of people who asked me why I wasn’t getting something done, or why didn’t I want an LED dance floor for example was ridiculous. My remit was – ensure everyone has an amazing time and leaves feeling our love and being involved in our love story. As cheesy as that is, it’s what I honestly wanted. I don’t care about how much money people choose to splash at their own wedding, or how scrimp savvy they want to be, I don’t care how little or how many guests a wedding has, as I just don’t think you can compare weddings. Weddings should be what you want, not what you’ve read in a magazine or seen in a Hollywood movie – that somehow seems more affordable.

A wedding ultimately should be on BOTH of your terms. Ofcourse, parents and family are important and their viewpoints, especially in the Hindu culture count for a lot. However, if you allow everyone else’s viewpoints to cloud your own, then you run into problems. You run into the issue of trying to please everyone, and you will end up not being content with the end result.

There were some parts where I too had to compromise, and initially it was difficult for me. Especially, knowing I had to cut back numbers because we were morally obligated to invite a third or fourth cousin even if I hadn’t seen them since I was 5. :-S

So there is my rant – if you don’t have a clear idea as to what you want to do, that’s fine too, I’m more than happy to talk ideas through with anyone, or I’m sure your friends will be. The biggest shock for me was seeing who my real friends were through the wedding process.

END OF RANT PART ONE – Next rant about wedding guests who don’t turn up.These are the wedding guests who aren’t taken ill at the last minute either.


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