New beginnings

Wow, this weekend was a revelation. I realised how much more I have to offer to the world, and I realised how lucky I am for the family I have to help me achieve my dreams. Also, the Hubster and I moved into our new place and I am enjoying it after Day 2!

My new beginnings now include:

  • A food experiment for the week
  • Waking up a lot earlier in a bid to try having more time in the mornings. So far so good, I ate brekkie for a whole hour instead of my usual gulp of juice and out the door!
  • A refreshed attitude towards my musical goals, teaching’s suddenly got so much more intense too with preparing kids for exams
  • A realisation that if we don’t use a talent that we possess, it’s actually a crime to those who invested their time, effort, love and finances into you.
  • An overwhelming amount of gratitude and love for the two people who have made me who I am – my parents. Seeing them in tears when I left to my marital home, just made me choke inside. There’s a saying that you’ll never understand a parent’s love until you become a parent, but believe me, I’m beginning to realise it now more than ever. So – Amms & Apps – if you do end up reading this, you both rock and I love you more than words can ever ever describe.

So if you’re lucky enough to have people around you who inspire you or who make you dream bigger and not be bound by your own limitations, then go and give them a hug, or something! They deserve it and much more. Fancy joining me in a food journey? Stay tuned…. !