The tale of Duncan Harris

I wrote on here a couple of months ago about someone dear to me, who had passed away. At the time, I couldn’t articulate how this made me feel. However, a couple of months on, and I’ve never forgotten him, and what he gave to everyone who knew him. Therefore I’ve written a short poem below…

An inspiration lived once, not so long ago
He taught me how to live in the world, yet not suffocate in its illusion
He showed me how to be in business, and how to be in friendship
Whose lectures were the only ones, we would look forward to
For everyone who had the pleasure of knowing him, learnt from him a thirst for life
A life to inspire, to love and to learn
To you Duncan, who we miss, we shall forever yearn –

An inspiration lived once, not so long ago
To hear you talk of the monkeys, the corporate world and everything in between
How I miss your voice, and what would have been
You could have seen me married, seen my children one day
But I will tell them if I’m lucky, that you lived once not so long ago
And made me who I am, and taught me life, and gave to all who knew you
A treasure – the treasure of knowing you.

Never forgotten, always remembered. RIP Duncan Harris.


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