Winning Gold in life

Victoria Pendleton takes GoldThe Olympics, inspired everyone. The amount of people writing posts about the inspiration, the closing ceremony, the opening ceremony, The Spice Girls (who were AMAZING) and much more is mind blowing. I want to take another viewpoint. Let’s face it, since the Olympics, I’m sure that the rise in people exercising, the sheer amount of people on bikes WITHOUT helmets (stupid people) has increased, and those thinking they are Bradley Wiggins has also gone up so much, I find myself restraining myself from my driver seat.

However, as quickly as this fad begins, I’m afraid it will subside. Come the Winter months, when all I do is drink hot chocolate and snuggle up in bed, through to the occasional trip the gym. The amazing feeling that I get from going into a hot Jacuzzi, whilst it’s snowing outside is truly the gift of having a posh gym membership!

So, this isn’t about whether or not people continue their exercise driven motivation – this is to do with how we, like those Champions – Jessica Ennis, Victoria Pendleton, Louis Smith and many many more, can excel in our lives with what we are currently doing. Not the things we are suddenly deciding to embark upon, but daily life.

Firstly, this past week has taught me a couple of things –

  • Winning Gold in Self Awareness is so very important to be able to grow in life. I’m recently doing a tally of all the things I feel I should work on and I’m slowly going through them, being more aware when I do certain things.
  • Winning Gold at work – can be achieved by sticking to your conscience. If something isn’t right, don’t just go along with it – say something
  • The same applies for your personal life.
  • Winning Gold in marriage – I’m currently reading a book which I will use to come up with insight on this one – perhaps those who’ve been married longer can delve into personal insight?
  • General – Life was meant for rollercoasters – there’s going to be times when we get bronze, or silver, but we just have to keep going… as cheesy as this quote is from The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – ‘Everything will be alright in the end, and if it’s not alright, it’s not the end’

So let’s get GOLDS everyone! Zigga-zig-aah!


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