England loving

 I know so many people who just constantly talk about being anywhere but where they are. I, like most people don’t like the copious amounts of rain we’ve had, however, I certainly love England and it wouldn’t quite be the same without a fair it bit of wet now and again.

So here are my top three reasons as to why I love the country I’ve been born in, the country I’ve grown in and the country that any future generations will one day grow up in:

  • From city centres through to beautiful tumbling hills and countrysides, England has everything make you feel at peace – whether that be in a busy high street to a farm filled with chickens.
  • Whilst I wouldn’t say I was naive in anyway over not everything being as seen in the media, I’ve got to say I have felt a massive amount of pride in our Royal family, especially now that my child crush Prince William has married the now Duchess of Cambridge (affectionately called Kate ‘Acca’ amongst my friends, as ‘Acca’ in my language means ‘Sister’ and is a sign of respect) The impact the young couple appear to have on the youth of today is really amazing and something I feel will continue to strengthen the positive image of the Royal family
  • Who could not love the traditional foods of Britain. From the scone to the tea seat and the seasonal fruits and veg in this country, there is something to be said about truly British cuisine. Having said that, I am by no means saying cosmopolitan London isn’t a good thing, I personally know that I’m just as proud being an Asian and from where I am ethnically from, as I am being a British Born Asian. (more on that here)

So there you have it… so now it’s over to you… what do you like about England? What are your top three reasons for a ‘staycation’ this year? Please leave your comments below!


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