The Bionic Woman Role Model

There are certain moments of this year that has really made me LOVE being a human now more than any other time in my life. With atrocities in the world in every corner, and injustice piled on the world’s poorest of people, there are often days where I feel like no amount of work that I do and continue to dream about doing will ever be enough. However, some days, I see some people who, when life gives us lemons, they go ahead and drink a tequila. The tequila of optimism. The inspiration that going forwards will change the outlook of the WORLD.

This is what Claire Lomas, a person I knew nothing about has done to me. From my humble readings of the Guardian, a lady who became paralysed after a freak horse riding accident in 2007, finished the London Marathon wearing a bionic suit 16 days after the race started. This bionic suit enables her to take steps using motion sensors, and for Claire this can only be something of a dream. From being paralysed from the chest down, to be able to take steps in a bionic suit let alone complete the London Marathon is an achievement of the greatest form.

Seeing pictures alone made me well up with tears, but hearing her speak, and seeing her partner and little child, just made me think. How many people who are able to walk, to run, to see, to hear, actually do enough with what we have?  For so many, an injury as life changing as Claire’s would see them hurtling quickly in a downward spiral, but Claire has raised more than £86,000 for Spinal Research.

So how can we be bionic in our daily lives? To be grateful for what we have just isn’t enough. We have to do more, see more, feel more. Social Media can be more utilised for good, instead of sitting and posting about my lazy day to day going’s on, I’m going to ensure I post more of the activities that spur other people to do more. To get up and live, living isn’t just waking up and sleeping again, it’s about being the change.

That change for this month is most definitely Claire Lomas. Donate to her cause here.


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