Three reasons for why Ashton Kutcher’s latest advert is NOT racist

Right folks, if you’ve not been made aware of the local news item that has hit the rumour mill and the insanely high amount of threats Ashton Kutcher has been receiving via Twitter, then let me sum it up.

So apparently, this has been deemed racist because his face has been painted brown and he has a funny put on Indian accent. There has also been outcry on some of the other characters depicted.

Here’s three reasons for why I think the advert is not racist:

  • If White Chicks was fine to create (a film about two black men who fake being ‘white chicks’) then why on earth is this deemed as racist? This is clearly humour, there are plenty of stand up comedians who say far more outrageous jokes than some of the funny accents in this very short clip.
  • He’s an actor, actors ARE meant to portray other characters. (accents included)
  • Painting your face brown to look Asian does not equal racism.

Join the debate! What do you think? Has this been blown out of proportion, or does this offend you? I found it hilarious!

P.S I thought White Chicks was side splittingly funny too!


2 thoughts on “Three reasons for why Ashton Kutcher’s latest advert is NOT racist

  1. GinaV says:

    This is a great point you are making Mathurini, and thanks for posting this. Why are some people so sensitive and easily outraged? Why do some people go looking for reasons to become offended? You obviously have an excellent sense of humour. Good for you!

  2. Mathurini says:

    Yes Gina, I totally agree with you, it’s just supposed to be funny. The amount of times we as a human race poke fun at other humans … some of whom are far worse, this is nothing in comparison!

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