Feet troubles


So for years I’ve had this problem. It used to be something I just denied. I told myself I didn’t like shoes and I was happiest in my trainers (which is mostly true). However, it was a white lie. I have bought so many shoes in the hope that I can wear them for a little while without moaning of either a piercing pain or a pressure pain through my feet being squeezed.

What is the issue? Narrow feet coupled with protruding bunions. Don’t get me wrong, some suffer ridiculously badly with bunions so I’m by no means trying to say mine are painful all the time. It does however mean that finding nice shoes is often a nightmare! I have to resort to flats or if it has a heel I have to be resigned to pain. Being of very small shoe size doesn’t help either.

So my question to all feet sufferers is this – Where do you buy your shoes from ?! Do you suffer too?

Some  shoe purchases recently have been amazing, Kurt Geiger are definitely my new fave!! The shoes at the top of this post are a KG number and are currently a contender for wedding shoes!


One thought on “Feet troubles

  1. adornmeforever says:

    Gosh I love your post. Buti wantedto say I love shoes also and I find my selfig buying shoes all the time and squeezing them in shoes because I natural have wide feet. Ugh. Sometime I get a size up in hopes that it will be better. Any who thanx for the post. Oh check my site. http://www.adornmeforever.com

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