I used to hate surprises. Seriously, I didn’t like the feeling of not knowing what was in store. I liked to be the one in control. But when I did a surprise birthday party for a dear friend a couple of years ago, the look of excitement and complete shock gave me the beginnings of what I now deem the ‘surprise bug’. After this, the same friend did a surprise for me, and I’ve got to say it was lovely; you feel appreciated and loved. However, it was only when I met the OH that I truly understood that when someone loves you, a surprise isn’t just about you and the other person, it’s about all those people he chooses to let in on the big surprise! From the very beginnings, he was a surprise, and as fast as things progressed he never stopped surprising me! A surprise cruise down the River Thames had me really enjoying what a surprise can be, and the look of awkward bashfulness when his mum spilt the beans on where he was taking me before he took me, was the cutest moment! (The OH wasn’t too chuffed, but he soon got over it)

So I soon learnt the art of surprising, and how to keep a secret! It can be fun! So much so that I am now doing surprises here there and everywhere! From a surprise Oriental feast and date complete with Chinese music, home-made lobster noodles and green tea pannacota (that didn’t set unfortunately),to slightly more mysterious and bigger surprises for the upcoming wedding!

So it leads me to ask you all, do you like a surprise or do you dread it? I realised that my reason for dreading a surprise previously was due to the assumed embarrassment of a surprise – which in reality I never really got, because it was always intimate surprises that I loved as opposed to massive ones!

So what kind of surprises do you like? Do you even like them? What’s been the best surprise?

Talking of surprises, there’s a special surprise coming to the Blog next week so stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “Surprises

  1. broadsideblog says:

    Mixed feelings…I had a surprise birthday party thrown for my 16th and it was really wonderful. In general, being a control freak, I’m not in love with surprises.

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