A Wedding Survival Guide – A Bride’s Perspective

The question on everyone’s mind the minute they found out I was getting married was  ‘Are you stressed?’ I can honestly say, that having had one aspect of my wedding that I haven’t actually experienced stress! Slightly annoyed at certain individuals most certainly but not stressed.  Stress implies a hair pulling out, no sleep, upset state… I most certainly have been getting a great amount of sleep and haven’t starting pulling out my hair, in fact I can’t wait to cut back a fringe!

Which brings me to the point – how to survive the wedding bubble? So many will give you advice on how to do things, what to do and when to do it. But honestly, I read blog after blog, post after post which by the way I LOVE doing but it brings me to the one and same conclusion. Do things your way.

  • Always remember that no matter how little or how much you choose to spend, what is most important is what happens after that day
  • Some friends actually leave you be during this time thinking you don’t need any extra hassle or that you’re busy… really all my friends whom I’ve leant on over the past year have realised that I’ve needed them all so very much!
  • Forget the past… what has happened before, or in other people’s weddings bares absolutely no relevance to yours.. it’s your day so do it how you want it.
  • Be focused and take time to enjoy the engaged phase.. it was one of the most memorable and happiest phases of my life.

On the day – okay so I’ve had my registry wedding, with the Hindu one yet to happen. I didn’t think I’d be as nervous as I was… I have sung infront of thousands and most certainly never been so scared or apprehensive in my entire life! The one thing that held me together was playing my piano just before I went to get changed. Do something (if it’s quick that is) to relax you and calm you down if you were a mess like me and on the toilet at every opportunity!

Once I saw the now HUSBAND, I was normal again, and so very happy!

That’s all my tips for now folks, why not share yours if you’ve been through this… and what about from the other side of the coin? Surviving as a guest? That’s coming soon….

For now if you want a sneak peak at the wedding then stay tuned, as there’s more gossip to follow!


5 thoughts on “A Wedding Survival Guide – A Bride’s Perspective

  1. broadsideblog says:

    The day will go by so quickly you’ll easily forget it unless you really stay in the moment. I remarried last September and made sure to really stay focused on everything as it happened.

    Do NOT be(come) a bride-zilla and boss everyone if/when you feel stressed! 🙂

  2. Mathurini says:

    Yes I agree with staying in the moment, I certainly did stay in the moment for my registry and it still went ridiculously quickly! I try not to be bride-zilla… I do have a lot of to-do lists though but with more than 3 wedding events to plan who can blame me!

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