Passionate People- Why you need to be passionate to land a job

In this day and age, I haven’t seen a lot of truly passionate individuals. Gifted yes, driven yes, but passionate? Well today was one of those days. I met a man, a father of two, who was so truly passionate about my wedding, more so than even some of my friends! Who was this man? All will be revealed in another post. (For specific reasons, I cannot tell all that I would like to just yet)Passionate

He spoke about what he could offer me, in a way I’ve never heard before, he actually began with honesty and just an ear. He listened before he spoke to me offering advice, and believe me, the more wedding preps are coming to the fore front of life, listening is the biggest lesson I’m learning of all!

So why my post title? Well if this man, who has a wife and kids and a successful company can be so passionate, then why aren’t the vast majority of unemployed voicing their opinions on LBC about how hard the market and the UK economy is, be this passionate in landing a job? Let’s face it, if you really need bread and butter, you need to get a job, and in my humble opinion, it needs more than just a well written CV. You need a truck load of passion, and believe me you can see passion in the eyes.

I see it with some people who I work with, and I see it with some amazing people whom I love and adore till the ends of the world.

So be passionate, if you’re looking for a job, don’t take rejection, work at it, and remember why you’re doing this, because you love to lead a life that will enable you to live how you want to.


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