The Story – Part 1

I thought after such an atrocious lapse in posting, it was time to tell you my ridiculous excuse of a reason as to why.

Life has an unexpected way of giving you everything you’ve ever wanted within a blink. (Before I start getting tonnes of envy, I,like everyone else, have also had my fair share of rubbish and bad news in this time frame too) however I choose to focus on the positives as always, as if you hadn’t seen in my picture (I’ve always got a mahoosively cheeky grin on my face). Smile through happiness and through sadness, for in sadness you find your strength.

So it brings me to tell you the happy part first. Last year, I met a man. Well, technically I’d already met him before, but I guess last year was when I really saw him or shall I say when we really saw each other. A whirlwind year, with a beautiful story which culminated in -We are engaged! Whoop! 

My last post was actually written just before he proposed and just after I came back from the trip that I haven’t mentioned! Since June, it has been a crazy haze of planning and organising and actually enjoying engaged life. If anyone is interested in finding out what happens in a Hindu wedding and how my wedding planning is going, then do comment below and I’ll look to see what I can dig up to post ( I have many a folder of notes, waiting for a blogging audience 😉 now that is another story entirely)

The sad part of my story is that a great inspirational person, that I had hoped for a miracle with, was very sick. He told me last year and I actually yearned for a miracle and seriously believed one would come his way. Unfortunately it didn’t and he passed away this year on the 1st February. Who was he? Dr Duncan Harris. A legend to all those who studied Management with Human Resources at RHUL, a lecturer with the ability to turn a student into a fan of studying and reading! I loved his lectures, I loved his enthusiasm for our subject area and most of all, as he became my dissertation supervisor, I loved that he was such a humble, down to earth and kind hearted human being. The last conversation I had with him, was that he was totally going to be there for my wedding and how I couldn’t wait for him to meet my h2b, to which he said I don’t think I’m going to be sticking around. It sucks that he was right. You will never be forgotten Duncan, and I hope what I’ve learnt from you in not just education but life itself, will help in the forthcoming months and forever more.

Here ends my Story – Part 1 – Part 2 is coming up shortly, maybe even tonight!


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