WordPress I’ve missed you.

Fact. I’ve missed blogging for my personal love of blogging. I admit it though, being by a computer screen every second is causing me to not be anywhere near one when I get a spare moment. But now that I’m here and so much happier to actually be sitting here writing on the Mathurini blog, let me tell you – there has a been a LOT happening recently!

From working day and night trying to play that bigger life game I was telling my loyal blog readers about, I actually went on holiday (photos to follow) to Rhodos, and am now trying to settle back into life in rainy England.

I’ve also gone back to song writing too, as I have a lot of new shows coming up which require new music, so stay tuned. In the meantime if you’d like to hear something I’ve done previously, by all mean please check out ‘Cry’. It’s about the plight in Sri Lanka of many INNOCENT victims. More to come on all of the mentioned topics, but for now, Good night London!