All you need to know about Acid Burn

After watching Katie and my beautiful friends on Sunday night, it got me thinking about how much mundane knowledge we have, and how much more important it is to have knowledge that serves a better purpose. I truly feel that the only way knowledge can be in any way powerful is if you actually use it for the better of either your life and/or the lives of others.

So if you don’t know who Katie is, I’ll summarise. Katie Piper was a former model and TV presenter who had sulphuric acid thrown on her face by a man who was arranged by her ex boyfriend. This ended up in her entire face being rebuilt and after much trauma, Katie decided to raise awareness about burn victims.

What, why and how?

Acid burn is a common form domestic violence, often as a result of a love gone wrong, and as a form of punishment.

Countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh,Uganda and many many more have seen an increase in the rise of this sort of violence, and with the heavy sunshine and heat, the faces of these victims suffer even more. For many survivors, they lose the use of their hands, they lose their eyesight and for many become social outcasts. This means the ability to earn a living, and fend for themselves is severely reduced.

Charitable organisations such as ASTI help provide support to these victims, in countries where this is more and more frequent. Treatment for such severe forms of acid burn in poverty stricken countries are very rare, and so charities often provide a platform for new skills, pressure garments for survivors to wear to help soothe the skin and much more.

Now that you’ve learnt the basics about acid burn, hopefully it has got you thinking about something that touches so many lives even if it isn’t our own personally. Judgement is easy, living with judgement is trauma. If you’re in England and would like to do something to benefit the victims of such a cruel act of violence please click here for more information.


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