Do you care about the politics or the cricket?

I would like to say at the outlet that this isn’t meant to be a world full of the same views. Nor is this post veering towards a bias. This is really a very simple question – when it comes to sport, do people care about the politics of a country, or do they support a team whose players they admire and love? If the latter is this case, does that make these people wrong or merely lovers of a game?

Case in point – the Cricket finals today – India versus Sri Lanka. There is plenty of banter on Social media highlighting the ever present amount of racism and biasness to this particular game – a lot to do with the politics of Sri Lanka which as much as everyone would love for it to be over, it still realistically speaking won’t be in many people’s hearts and minds.

But let’s leave this one game aside for a second and think – when it comes to any sport and two teams are playing – Team X is from a poverty stricken country where there’s barely enough to eat in many families but they have great players – Team Y are from a wealthy country with great players to add to the mix. So would you feel more inclined to support Team X due to their poverty status country, or would you choose them due to the fact that you love the team and their abilities?

I personally, don’t really understand cricket, so my interest in this game today isn’t apparent. However to many, the solidarity lies in their one love of cricket , and so moves any sort of political stance out of the way.

So here’s the thing – for me, with any game- be it the game of life, or just a game of monopoly or tennis etc etc, one thing is for certain – there will always be some element of drama. I actually like the twists and turns of a good tennis match when a player suddenly winces in agony and the trainer comes on, and after a fair bit of magic fingers, the player is fit and well and fights till the end only to lose… these game make for great watching!  So could it be the case,that we should put our ethical stances aside, or should we continue these stances into our entertainment viewings also?


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