The best way to get noticed on Search

Mathurini's tips on how to get noticed

So, I’ve noticed something. It’s pretty obvious really. I’m writing this in a pretty jovial mood, so anyone looking for some die-hard tips on SEO, whilst I do discuss these at length on a work basis – this isn’t the aim of the post.

But here’s 3 ways to get noticed on Search, along with the BEST way.

3) Have something great to say, and don’t just say it, show you care – if it’s in the usefulness of your information (which admittedly this one post isn’t really that useful) , or it’s in the engagement of your audience. (In this case, my audience is anyone who actually likes what I write or draw or sing about or eat! )

2) Be visual – I personally can’t stand websites that are all text, or that simply don’t have anything to feast your eyes. I also happening to be closely linked to a certain person who seems to still be at the childhood stage of reading anything so long as it has pictures! 😉

1) The BEST way to get noticed is to have a unique name. I’m lucky in that way – though some of you probably still can’t figure out how to pronounce it – there is a post on it here, it’s still a great name in my opinion. Purely because, my parents half made my name up due to astrological,numerological,traditional,cultural beliefs. If you’d like me to expand, please let me know, that will be another post. Having a unique name means that so long as you have great content, you will be noticed on Search, and people tend to remember it. Also this goes without saying really, but hey, this is supposed to be informative – if you have a great name, drop it in a couple of times – new readers don’t know who you are do they?!

So there you have it, top 3 not too difficult to implement ways of getting noticed.

Lots of loving!



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