Well done Adele!

I just needed to blog about this. I’ve posted about Adele before, see here, but I had to write something since she rose from No.47 to No.1 in the space of a week after one of the most spine tingling, beautiful performances I’ve heard from an artist so young. The girl is 21, and now has a #1 single and album, and personally, I think it wasn’t unexpected, it was just a matter of WHEN. Her time is most definitely NOW.


‘Someone like you’, like many of her other songs are pretty sad and vulnerable in its meaning, however Adele ,can really just sing anything. Honestly, have you heard her cover Cheryl’s Promise This? She’s just WOW.

SO this is a quick post, to say Adele – on behalf of musicians and music lovers that like what I’d like to call ‘raw talent’ – we are so very proud of you. Let’s hope America values you as much as we do!

I would love to see a duet with Adele and Paolo Nutini, what do you all think? Or anyone else you’d like to see her duet with?



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