Mainstream music

I am all for catchy songs, a brilliant bass line, throw in some well written rap and I’m happy. I’m just as happy with one instrument and some outstanding vocals, or lots of instruments and no vocals- it’s all good. What I have felt for a little while now though, has been this : To what extent has music crossed over to being just an expression of people’s beliefs? For the most, I think it’s been like that forever, the only variant is that the beliefs being portrayed now are often territory that has not been seen in such a light before, in such an obvious way.

Cue Rihanna and Gaga and a host of other celebrities whose songs are increasingly more obvious in its sexual tones, and whose videos, well,don’t leave anything to the imagination – except – did anyone introduce them to clothes?

Let’s not be mistaken here, musically I think Gaga is brilliant and I would love to see her live for the sheer talent and entertainment that you know an artist like her will provide. I’m just wondering, if expression has always existed because music is a form of expression- to what extent is mainstream music really polluting our already corrupt minds? But more importantly, what will be left of having a childhood? I don’t remember knowing HALF of what v v young children know these days, and its fair share is through questions arising via the likes of Rihanna songs/videos and many others.

There used to be a time, when music was actually based on music. Not on how little someone wore, and how much this got marketed and PR’d with. The digital age is sure bringing about its changes!


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