Bogies. You might be thinking ‘why’? Here’s why. On the weekend, I saw a middle-aged man on the tube. He looked like he was trying to dig a tunnel from his nostril to his forehead – his thumb so far up his nose and with such force, I thought his nose might altogether explode with the brutality.

Not only was I quite mildly horrified as he saw that I had seen him and continued to dig, but continued none the less whilst turned the other way, he then got off at the next station, holding the rail with his bogie-fied fingers the entire time.

We are told a lot of things whilst growing up – ‘Don’t talk with your mouth full’, ‘Don’t interuppt’ ‘Don’t PICK your nose’ – or wait was I the only one who got told the last? I get it, we are told not to do something and yet all of us will break those rules inevitably. However,what I do think is really quite disgusting, is the fact that this was in PUBLIC, on public transport, and which is why I’m seriously considering on buying some cheap gloves -specifically for use on public transportation!

Whilst this isn’t exactly law breaking, I just wanted to talk about this. Common sense should prevail in such a situation.

Thought for the day on Bogies and picking your nose.

If you have a bogie up your nose, just take a tissue and blow into it, or be it PICK your nose with a TISSUE and preferably use a anti-bacterial hand gel once you’re done and simultaneously chuck the boggied tissue in the nearest bin (of which there is one in every carriage of a train/tube in London)

Also, if it’s a habit you know you have – be it not as bad as exemplar above, maybe tell someone (someone who will help you kick it). Cue the old saying ‘”You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your friend’s nose’.


If you want to tackle it yourself just mentally say ‘this is actually quite gross, I’m taking out mucus that can come out by itself’  or  ‘my hands are actually dirty, I’m only making my bogie situation worse’.

So a humble request to anyone who sees someone on public transport picking their nose, PLEASE give them a tissue!


2 thoughts on “Bogies

  1. Meera says:

    DUDE LOL love this
    Mate i always take my gloves and anti-bacterial gel because generally thousands of people every single day touch the poles, so that right there is a need. Dont know where the hands have been :-S…..they could have sneezed…or their hands are sweaty. So yeah next time if you see that man, offer him a tissue 😉

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