Occasionally, one jests and one chides – about the simple things in life
When one day those jests, become more than that, more than a little moment in time,
and it is within these short spaces, where one must decide- whether or not
she falls in the gaps between the fingers or misses the hand all together.

When the glances become gentle gazes, the gazes turn to never looking away…
Are the fingers really intertwined or is this just the mind?
Does ‘in-love’ exist, or are we merely existing in the presence of love?

Glances could mean love or lust, or surely friendship?
Powerful are the eyes that see, more powerful are the eyes in our heart,
That, try as we might to keep them open, every so often we turn a blind eye.
Only to perhaps miss the one glance, to place a permanent smile.

– Mathurini –


One thought on “Glances

  1. Childofsai says:

    Powerful stuff. Interesting subject that you’ve picked to write about. Really has meaning for me at the moment.

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