Almost here

Xmas is almost upon us, and how much of my checklist have I actually completed? Not a lot. I believe the ‘it will be alright on the night’ sentiment, but right now it doesn’t seem so believable. However, my menu is set, the table is almost ready for people, the tree looks beautiful, and more than that, I am well aware that I have a portion of Thursday free to do my last minute bits and pieces.

Besides Xmas, the past week has been a pretty strung out week – from rehearsals for a singing show, through to the singing show itself, suffice to say – that the word of the week was :surreal.

From beautiful, inspiring children, through to some incredible friends the week has been everything a good musical should be – emotion, emotion and music.

So all I can say, is bring on the New Year because I’m aiming to bring 2011 a brighter piece of me!


4 thoughts on “Almost here

  1. blackwatertown says:

    What? You mean you haven’t got painting and tiling going on? Tins and pasta – that’s next on my Christmas shopping list – just in case we’re snowed in completely, and otherwise they’ll make adequate decorations, won’t they?

  2. Mathurini says:

    No painting and tiling, if I was to revamp the whole house for Xmas not only would I be even more of a zombie on my feet, I’d also be even more majorly broke!

    Yep you can hang up tins of tuna with some barbed wire, it can be a very Warhol like Xmas tree!

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