The pre Xmas rush begins

So, I’ve decided to host and run Xmas dinner this year. Having watched Kirstie Allsopp’s Homemade Christmas (if you haven’t ever seen her, watch her, I love her to pieces) last year on telly, I vowed that this year I was going to do quite a lot (if not most) by hand. From present making through to decorations etc I wanted to give it a good go this year.

As excited as I have been for months (pretty much since the first time I watched the show – so that makes a whole year now!), it’s only really beginning to dawn on me just how much I have to do!

I’m still doing test runs of some of the presents, struggled with a couple of recipe testers, and to add to this – the icing on the not so great cake right now – I have a singing concert to prepare for, and a host of other commitments.

Saying it out aloud to the world of my blog readers just makes it that much more real. So yes, I have two different menus to finally figure out for Xmas dinner, two concerts before Xmas, and not to mention my other projects that are all happening simultaneously. Ofcourse, I wouldn’t be me, if I hadn’t been thinking way too long and hard about the dessert side of the menu FIRST.

Life is fast, and life is fun filled, and I’m hoping that it pays off.

I shall put up pictures of everything as I do them, if you’d like to see them!


4 thoughts on “The pre Xmas rush begins

  1. Meera Jayaratnam says:

    OMG!! you are so right! love her!
    and – how impressive are you with all this IT, hi tech, internet, blogging said in proper tamil aunty-ified accent!
    apparently i dont just need singing lesson from you ;o)

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