Be the change

First of all, my apologies for not having posted in a while. My daily job revolves around screens and, by the time I’m home, the last thing I particularly want to do is sit in front of another screen, no matter how beautiful my Mac is!

However, I love blogging, and am totally humbled by the love my friends and newly acquired friends are showing me with regards to my blog. So thank you all so much.

So Gandhi said a long while ago, ‘be the change you wish to see in the world’. I get that, I really do. But it’s actually quite difficult to practice that on a daily basis. BUT recent life events make me feel that my statement about it being ‘difficult’ is complete and utter rubbish. You might be thinking, what? But no, seriously, it’s crap. If you want to change something, you change it; it’s only our fear of looking bad or not looking good that stops us from doing so.

For example, I have certain goals to achieve before Xmas (I shall expand on this in a next post) and it would be MUCH easier for me to not voice them, or just not complete them. BUT, I didn’t sign up to a life of resignation. I live a life that I choose to live, therefore, as hard as life kicks a truck load of gunk your way, my way, OUR way, we can choose to kick it right back. It might take us a while to actually move our foot to perform our super-kick, but kick it we can.

I said something today to a dear friend, and she suggested I blog it. So here goes. Having an open heart is something that has taken me a long while to do. My heart was always open to people coming in, but rarely would I open my heart up to someone else. But, the more life throws spanners in the works, the more lucky I feel. It’s hard to explain, but it’s a feeling of being blessed. The people around me, the life I’m lucky to live, all makes those spanners seem so small, not to say it isn’t painful because it is, but it doesn’t dominate my mind, and consequently, my actions.

So if new people enter my life, they are just adding more sparkle to it, because the jewels in my life are sparkling enough.


2 thoughts on “Be the change

  1. childofsai says:

    I too am open to the world coming to me, giving my love and regard to those I meet. I still find it hard to do it the other way, but I’m trying.

    I commend you 🙂

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