Have you ever considered just HOW powerful these are? How often in life do we let our thoughts turn into hard feelings which end up in letting our feelings control us?

I used to be one of those people. My feelings dictated what I did, it made me cold in certain elements of my life and red hot to others, and the minute I got off those feelings, I could just claim I was stronger from it.

However, a lot has been happening that got me to look into what I was really doing, how I was really going about things in my life. I suddenly realised that in the areas that I didn’t worry about, didn’t over analyse, I excelled in. The shady areas where I let other people rule how I should feel,or let the past dictate how I acted, meant that I never really let things happen, I would rush life and jump into everything just because I put pressure on myself and in turn everyone else. FOR NO REASON. Other than my own self stopping me from being bigger than a feeling, than a thought.

For me it really was – it’s not me in the wrong, it’s everyone, it was never actually just me.  I’m not saying that I now blame myself for everything- I really don’t, but I am very present to the fact that you can re-write your own book, if you choose to.

For the first time (I think) ever, I’m finally just slowing down and doing things for me. Taking things slowly, without a worry in the world. Because life is far too short to worry about things that don’t actually exist in reality, and definitely don’t exist in the future, as the future lies in what you create now.

So all I would say is yes thoughts are powerful, but whereas I sometimes still let thoughts overwhelm me, I don’t let them dictate what I do with them. Now, when I actually act, I act with integrity because I have no baggage stopping me from doing so.

On that note, I’m off to the land of dreams… or beautiful nightmares as the beautiful Beyonce once proclaimed… 😉


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