The mining miracle

As I type this, there are a further seven people to be rescued from a mine in Chile that has been 33 people’s home for over two months as they stayed trapped underground.

You only need to have read or seen a little of what’s been in the papers and on telly recently to realise that this was a BIG deal. Not only were they stuck, after two parts of the mine collapsed, they had all survived and were able to communicate with rescue teams who never gave up.

The tremendous effort by the rescue team has to be applauded – from providing fundamentals such as bedding and food through to figuring out precisely how to get them safely out isn’t so easy.

It got me thinking, can you imagine, truly imagine what it would be like to be stuck somewhere for that long? It’s different when you go on holiday and you’re lumbered with people for a month, but this wasn’t by choice. I’m sure if there isn’t a movie about something similar happening, there will DEFINITELY be one coming out pretty soon.

The seemingly positive mental attitude with which a lot of the trapped miners have come out with has been beautiful to watch, not to mention emotional as they are greeted by loved ones.

It’s a heart-warming story, which I think reflects the notion of – where there’s a will there’s always a way.


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