‘I could hold you for a million years’

This song by Adele got me thinking tonight. I’ve heard it many times before, most recently on the X Factor when Gamu sang it.

This song has so much depth, the words are just so bold and so heart-felt. It’s just such a desperate plea for a man/woman to realise how much they mean to that person.

I think where the strings enter the song, just provide it with that tear-jerking moment. That moment when you realise just how much you love or have loved someone.

It triggers memories that can come back so strong when listening to this, as to how you once felt or still feel if you’re lucky.

So this is just a little post, perhaps my more vulnerable side, just to say to everyone reading this, if you ever think you’re not loved, not adored, or are just going through the toughest of times – remember there are people who want to make you feel their love.

Photo taken from: http://media.photobucket.com/image/loveheart/crazy_stino/love-heart-cloud.jpg


3 thoughts on “‘I could hold you for a million years’

  1. Anj says:

    Oh my goodness! I didn’t know this song before Gamu sang it and even then I wasn’t really paying attention. I read the post, listened to the song and it almost made me cry! Your words were really touching :’-)
    (Tears of joy) xxx

  2. Mathurini says:

    Thanks Anj, yep the more you listen to it, the more you go a little more insane. In my case I think this just made my insanity creep to another level! Hence why I’ve stopped listening to it! xxx

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