Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime

The quote is well known, the concept is mostly understood, but here’s your chance to actually DO something.

So many of us see,watch the news report of the many tragic situations happening around the world. We have emotions about them, and some of us might put some money towards causing a change. Here’s the crux of the matter though. We can give money,food and shelter to those in need, but what those people whose lives have been devastated need in addition is a way to regain their sense of purpose in life, their livelihood that for most have been demolished and destroyed within the blink of an eye.
There are lots of ways we can cause a change, and here’s one that’s happening in England on October 16th in less than two weeks.

Energise is a fund-raising organisation that is based around fitness and exercise. ALL proceeds go to a charity in North Sri Lanka called The Centre for Women & Development. This charity provides the means for the people in need to start building their lives back together. This includes bicycles,sewing machines, money for women to start small businesses and nets for fishermen to name just a couple. Many women and children lost the sole earners within their family and so the idea behind this is the long term sustenance of a life worth living.

With this in mind, on the 16th October in London, Energise presents a day filled with exercise for all age groups and fitness levels – there will be Dance Aerobics, Fat Meltdown sessions, Yoga, Bollywood dancing and a Hip Hop dance session too. You pay per class and ALL the money raised goes straight to the Charity.

So what are you waiting for, for more information and to BOOK your class just go to

Empower yourself through exercise whilst empowering other people’s lives FOREVER.


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