The view from a plane..

Again, some shots from  my travels. I’ve done some editing, let me know what you think!

This first shot was an amazing view and so as you will see I went a little colour happy with the second shot… 

Here’s the second one… I like this, though I think it may not be too everyone’s taste! I’m learning!

This one didn’t need editing, except I tried to bring out the colours a little more with a play around…

For anyone wondering, this was on route towards Canada, and just after taking off from a cloudy day in London,England.

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2 thoughts on “The view from a plane..

  1. photobyholly says:

    Cool pictures – especially the last one! it gives a good, clear image of what the ground looks like from the sky. Flying in a plane is one of my absolute favorite things to do, I LOVE being up in the air! Thanks for sharing your images!

  2. Mathurini says:

    Thanks Holly, yes I’m one of those people too, who LOVES flying! I’ve got more pics from holidays and travel so check them out when you get a moment. Thanks for stopping by!

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