Beer for women

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Recent conversations with various friends about beer and what with Oktoberfest having just passed us, it  got me thinking about why in recent years, more companies are trying to market beer to women and getting it oh so wrong.

More importantly, how can companies market beer to women successfully? Although I am a sweet tooth at heart, I wouldn’t want beer to be completely sweet or it takes away from actually being a beer – what makes a beer taste so much like a beer! There seems to be an approach of marketing beer in a more female friendly way such as  ‘fat content showings’ and adding citrusy notes to make it more ‘wine’ like.


Here’s a thought though, surely advertising beer as a social drink with a mingling of the sexes and just as a good fun laugh would make more sense? I mean let’s face it, you will end up having a beer with the lads during a footy game, just as they might end up having a cocktail with you on a date.

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Your thoughts on the orange coloured foam topping drink? Recently marketeers from the alcohol industry are figuring out ways to make beer more appealing to women with less fat slogans etc … But will it catch on…?


2 thoughts on “Beer for women

  1. Prash says:

    In the UK there’s no need to market beer to women when cider exists. Cider is the natural beer substitute since it comes in fruity (sweeter) flavours and is similarly priced (and you’d assume is similarly profitable). As far as I’ve noticed, there are only really 2 brands of cider commonly available and they are hardly marketed.

    Note how this is a bit different to the Australian market, where cider is not so widely consumed, but beer drinking is more common amongst the Aussie ladies. Low calorie, lighter, crisper tasting “blonde” beers are quite successfully marketed as the girls beer of choice. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a low calorie beer on sale in the UK. Interestingly enough, cider is generally more caloric than beer!

  2. Mathurini says:

    Interesting viewpoint Prash. I do think though that the point is, if a girl wanted to drink a beer, I have a feeling that the focus should be more on the realistic nature of where girls enjoy a beer or who they enjoy it with. Ie. more as a social drink, then trying to market with ‘fruitier flavours’ etc.

    I like the comparison with the land of Oz, oh and the low calorie beer is sold in the UK, it’s just not sold as commonly as the standard ones.

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