Culture, culture and culture..

The cultural side of my trip went a little something like this…

The flowers adorning the small shining lamp with it’s wick waiting patiently to be lit.  Old tales talk of the reason for lime being used to adorn the plate carrying the lamp, being that lime is symbolic of representing any bitterness within us being removed, as it is cut and squeezed.

Lamps are important in Hindu culture as they are symbolic of dispelling the darkness that is our ignorance and illuminating our intellect and knowledge.

A little girl pours water over the young cousin

The coconut is auspicious and regularly used in Hindu ceremonies.  The coconut is broken and represents the breaking of our ego, with the juice within being offered to God as an offering of our mind to be purified. An old friend once told me that to him, the coconut represents selfless service, as every part of the coconut can be used for something ; from mats, to oils, to soaps.. It’s symbolic of how practising Hindus should be, or those leading a ‘spiritual life’.

More to follow… Let me know what you think!


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