The Switch – Film review

When my cousins decided we should all see ‘The Switch’ I had no expectations whatsoever as I had no idea what the movie was about. What I did know however ,was that it starred Jennifer Aniston or as I call her, Rachel from Friends.

To summarise without spoiling the movie – the basic genre is romantic comedy though I must say it spans more than just this, though like most Rom-coms the outcome is highly predictable.
Jason Bateman’s acting in this particular movie was pretty amazing and I personally feel Jennifer plays this role very well in comparison to her other recent ‘hits’. I also adored Jason’s character in the movie, he was just a pessimist, who was charmingly funny! Thomas Robinson was the star of the movie for me.  His acting – from the cute child look to the dry humour,made this kid so much more believable than some other children in movies. The relationship between these two in the film is adorable to watch and yes there were a couple of ‘aww’ moments. Cringe, I know.

Although I enjoyed it, I found it a tad slow-moving at times, though the quirky sound track and the fact that much of it was set in NYC had me entertained, as I could relate now that I’ve finally seen NYC. ( Post to come with regards to that adventure)

Overall, if you want a laugh and a twist to the normal rom-coms that dull our days, give ‘The Switch’ a go – you won’t feel like you’ve wasted away your money.

Quote of the movie for me: “Every once in a while amid all the randomness, something unexpected happens and it pushes us all forward. And the truth is, what I’m starting to think, what I’m starting to feel, is that maybe the human race isn’t a race at all.”


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