Canada – Toronto

I’ve got to say this trip abroad is prooving to be simply amazing. I will write a longer post on my return but, for now, I just wanted to share how much I LOVED the Niagara Falls. What a spectacle to see. We stayed till the coloured lights came on in the night, sparkling down the falls making them purple, pink, red, yellow.. pretty much most the colours of the rainbow! Not to mention the ACTUAL rainbow that naturally forms over a part of the falls, I shall put up my pics as soon as I’m home.

Toronto was a fun filled trip with my cousins, and great getting to know my littlest cousin who’s turning 8 next week. The outlets were my heaven whilst I was there, Tommy Hilfiger was the main attraction – my dad gets lots of presents from me as do my male cousins – being a singleton means less money spent on one person, more to spend on me! haha. Needless to say, that money went on a new item for my wardrobe.

All that’s left to worry about is how much more can I buy today in NYC and then Montreal before my bag bursts or customs stop me.

NYC post to follow..


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