A period party

This Bank holiday in Canada involves a lot of laughter, a whole bundle of drama and the most love imaginable for the youngest cousin in our family. My cousins and I are helping for a special family function that, to put it simply, is a celebration of a girl beginning puberty and starting her periods for the first time.
In the olden days, families would celebrate this to inform the families with sons that their daughter was ‘eligible’ and ‘ready’ for marriage.
Nowadays, this is continued but not compulsory and is often a fun and unforgettable experience; every Tamil girl I know has either been to one of these occasions or had one themselves.
The house is in full preparation for the amount of guests arriving tomorrow- family like us from abroad and friends from neighbouring states are gracing this special day.
Besides this, I have discovered my favourite cereal here it’s called ‘cookie crisp’. Why don’t we have this in England huh? On another note, I am in love with my first ever SLR camera- pictures to follow….


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