Bank holiday in Barcelona

A bride to be, a new city and my musical shadow..

Making my way from Victoria coach station to Leicester, I had one song in my head on repeat. Cheese at its finest, but the one song that truly summed up the way I was feeling.  I began to sing ‘We are going on a summer holiday..’  After a nice discussion with a pleasant guy about our travels, his handy tips on my chosen city to go to for the bank holiday, I’m on my way – headphones in ears, coach in motion and the rain falling, as usual.

As the rain falls and we hear distant drum rolls of thunder, nature’s music to us all,  another song pops into my head and I just HAVE to find it on my Ipod. This song is from a Tamil and Hindi movie called Thalam/Taal and is by far one of my favourites and a song I either sing or listen to when in the rain. It also happens to have the gorgeous Aishwariya Rai, in one of her earliest movies and in my opinion one of the greatest works of A.R. Rahman. I’ve posted the YT link below to the Hindi song as the tamil one isn’t in HD on YouTube.

In case you haven’t realised, I’m one of those people that always has a song in my head for virtually every situation and when I don’t, that’s where writing music is simply natural.  My song writing in recent months has changed somewhat due to the speed of life and all that it brings, so I knew that if I was to end up writing a song or having an idea whilst on holiday, it was virtually guaranteed that the music would imbibe a new flavour,  a sexy Spanish one no doubt!

Heading to Spain was indeed a spontaneous trip, a close friend of mine is getting married and so six girls (four Leicesterians, one Londoner and a Jordie) set off to paint Barcelona in colours of our own.

A mini-van, a rubbish low-cost airline flight and a Metro later, I finally walk down a small street that would be our home for the Bank holiday. Terracota coloured walls, beautiful flowers adorning small little black balconies, the streets themselves looked like a painting. We pass funky looking bars, filled with illuminous lights and IKEA style seating (we knew we’d check them out once we’d had some food) and suddenly we see a door with the name of our apartment company. Who would have thought that within such a small street would be a small lift taking us to a stylish,modern  apartment. This was only the beginning.

One thing is for certain, when you go to another country, it is crucial to embrace their culture, and what better way for a food crazed individual than to eat Spain’s culinary offerings!

Classic tapas dishes were varied and wonderful ; my favourite being Patatas bravas, cubes of potato encased in a spicy tomato sauce. The breaded mushrooms with garlic mayonnaise was a hit with us all, overall that particular restaurant was a gastronomic delight!

We saw the sights of Barcelona; the breath-taking Gaudi museum, the mind boggling Cathedral la Seu, and the outstanding Park Guell are just a couple of the beautiful places I experienced.Gaudi’s influence in the city can be seen from miles around, his unique shaped stone work and the bold use of colours provided a feast for the eyes.

When talking about Barcelona and a group of girls at their prime youthful age, one must discuss the night life. Booming basslines and the salsational (yes I’ve created a word) atmosphere created by the wonderful people around us and probably down to a nice cocktail or two, or three was our nights or should I say early mornings in Barca. The music ranged from the recent urban chart toppers such as Tinie Tempah’s ‘Pass out’ (our personal tune of the trip) and Usher’s ‘OMG’ (another very personal favourite), which was nearly always mixed with a local Spanish number that really had our two hips moving! 😉 The constant from this whole trip that definitely transcends all borders has got to be the Indian men chanting ‘Desi girl?’ every time we walked pass. On our last day the song became a favourite amongst us girls. (Link below)

Since returning from a trip that does require the tag ‘What happens in Barcelona stays in Barcelona’ , I can only say that it has indeed inspired the revamp of a song written a little while ago.  Barcelona, it has to be said has the ability in every part of its culture, to make the old look as good as new, and make the new, ever refined.

So beautiful readers, if you hear girls in Leicester, London or Cheryl-land singing parts of ‘Pass-Out’,’OM Gosh’ and ‘Ain’t nobody like my desi girl’
 .. you know it’s us.


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